The hex sticker for the package quickselect, showing a lit match The hex sticker for the package panoply, showing a constellation in the shape of a 'P'


An R package with a panoply of miscellaneous functions: column_find, column_alpha, column_combine, capply, scuttle, spround, perble, lenique, pasterisk, bolder, paste_paren, paste_ci, centre, reverse, mat_merge, delta_rsq, delta_aic, delta_bic, group_compare, build_models, text_format (including bold, bold_tex, italic, and italic_tex), and dark (including dark_triad and dark_tetrad).

> devtools::install_github("camkay/panoply")


An R package that allows users to quickly select columns from a data frame or tibble using regex. It includes two functions match and unmatch.

> devtools::install_github("camkay/quickselect")


An R package that allows users to quickly create conspiracy theory items on a specified topic. It uses the Flexible Inventory of Conspiracy Suspicions (FICS) questionnaire template (Wood, 2017).

You can also try out the FICS shiny app!

> devtools::install_github("camkay/fics")


An R package with one function: icc_type_i. icc_type_i uses a user-provided ICC and sample size to calculate the expected Type-I Error rate resulting from a multi-level model treated as a single-level model. The function was inspired by Musca, Kamiejski, Nugier, Méot, Er-Rafiy, and Brauer’s (2018) “Data with hierarchical structure: Impact of intraclass correlation and sample size on Type-I error” and makes use of much of the code found in the appendix of said paper.

> devtools::install_github("camkay/iccImpact")


An R package with two functions: wisdom() and wisdom_on_startup(). wisdom() dispenses a randomly selected piece of wisdom from Merlin Mann’s Wisdom Project. wisdom_on_startup() sets R to dispense a randomly selected piece of wisdom on startup.

> devtools::install_github("camkay/merlinmann")


An Outrun-inspired editor theme for RStudio. It is based on the chaos editor theme.

Last updated: March 10th, 2024.